The Power of Privacy Investment

In today’s data-driven world, privacy has become a paramount concern for businesses and consumers alike. As data breaches and privacy mishaps continue to make headlines, investing in privacy has emerged as a strategic differentiator that sets successful companies apart from their competitors. Recent research findings performed by Cisco shows that over 70% of organizations say […]

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What is a personal data breach?

Many companies don’t take data privacy protection seriously until a data breach occurs.A data breach is the worst nightmare that can happen to a company.If you’ve ever faced a data breach, you will understand the difficulties that you might face without a robust protection. ICO thoroughly explains what a personal data breach is and how […]

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Accountability Tracker

As your Article 27 Representative we will always help if you receive a SAR, RTE, or other data protection complaint. It is always best to avoid these all together but most companies will receive GDPR requests at some point.  Disgruntled ex-employees, annoyed customers, malicious compensation-scammers are common sources of SARs and unfortunately these can result […]

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How to handle a Subject Access Request

We have said this previously but we are still seeing a huge number of Subject Access Requests [SARs]. A SAR is a request made by or on behalf of the data subjects which grants the right to obtain a copy of all the personal data that an organization has collected about them. These are pretty […]

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Right to Erasure and how to handle it

Summary: The Right to Be Forgotten is one of the fundamental rights defined in GDPR.  Also known as a Right to Erasure this principle defined in Article 17. It is vital that companies recognize these requests and understand how to deal with them. Most importantly the Right to Erasure is not an absolute right and […]

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