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Which ever service option you choose, Article 27 Rep or Article 27 Rep plus Compliance Hub you will be able to choose your expert from our panel. Each service option includes different levels of support. Check out the options below.

EU&UK Rep only

If just need an Article 27 Rep then this is the option for you. Create your Article 27 Rep account and then engage one of our experts from the panel as and when you need additional help. This is our on-demand Consultancy option.

EU&UK Rep plus Compliance Hub

If just need an Article 27 Rep then this is the option for you. Create your Article 27 Rep account and then engage one of our experts from the panel as and when you need additional help. This is our on-demand Consultancy option.

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How the Compliance Hub Works

Engage your dedicated Consultant

Need additional data protection support? Looking to a Data Protection expert to join your team? The GDPRLocal Compliance Hub is the solution. Get access to the compliance portal and choose from one of our carefully selected experts to act as your dedicated GDPR and Data Protection resource to ensure you meet your compliance obligations.

Our experts can help with any Data Protection issue including everything from updating documentation through to helping you through the most complicated data protection issues including Data Breaches and Regulator Investigations. Follow these simple steps to engage a dedicated Consultant:

From the service menu select the Compliance Hub option

  1. Choose your expert from our panel.
  2. Contact your expert.
  3. Complete your company audit.
  4. Your dedicated Consultant is now available.

If you prefer ad-hoc support then choose the EU/UK Rep only option and then engage your consultant as and when you need them.

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Compliance Hub or Ad-hoc Consultant?

As a GDPRLocal user you can choose to engage one of our Consultants on an ongoing basis by adding the Compliance Hub option to your account. If you don't need ongoing support you can simply engage our Consultants on an ad-hoc basis through our Consultant Panel.

Compliance Hub Option

When you add Compliance Hub to your account your Consultant will act like part of your compliance team. The Compliance Hub service includes:

  • An initial review of your existing compliance setup
  • An action plan to address any issues
  • Review at 6 months
  • Support by email, phone, or Zoom
  • Appointment of a dedicated Consultant

Choose option

Why choose the Compliance Hub option?


Your Consultant will work as part of your compliance team. They will understand your business and also how data protection regulations impact you.

Always in

You can choose to start/stop this engagement at anytime. This option also allows you to request additional work-packages which must be agreed by you in advance and you will be in total control of all activity.

Understand Your

Once you have chosen your Consultant they will contact you to learn about how you operate. This will look at all aspects of your business and will ensure your Consultant is able to respond to any future request.

Data Protection

Your Consultant will complete a data protection audit looking at your compliance position and ensuring you meet all applicable regulations.

Email and Phone

Your Consultant will be available to answer questions by phone and email. You can agree how to best communicate once you meet your Consultant.

Agree Fees
in Advance

If you need additional support your Consultant will be in a position to confirm scope, costs, and timescales before any work starts ensuring you are always in control.


Our system allows you to track all work-packages and progress made. Create tasks, review deliverables, and manage costs through the GDPRLocal portal.


Your Consultant will conduct a six monthly review to ensure you continue to comply with all applicable regulations. This is an important part of your Data Protection strategy.

Data Protection

Your Consultant will ensure you are aware of changes to regulations that may impact you. They will ensure you maintain your compliance position and are able to respond to data protection challenges as your business grows.


How it Works

Choose the best option for your business. Which ever account option you choose you can engage our experts through the consultant panel. Create your account then visit the Consultant Panel to choose your expert.

Create your account and select service option
Choose your Consultant from our panel
Create tasks for the Consultant

Get Your Account Now

If you don't need a dedicated consultant you can still choose your EU/UK Rep service without a dedicated consultant and use our on demand service.

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Get In Touch

Not sure which option to choose? Call, email, chat to us anytime.

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Check Out Our Consultant Panel

Where you use our Article 27 EU/UK Representative service or not you can still access our Consultant panel. Choose the Compliance Hub option for ongoing support or simply select your Consultant from the panel for ad-hoc tasks. Choose the appropriate Consultant for the task from our team of subject matter experts.

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