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GDPR Services

Need help with your GDPR compliance? Need to update your policies, training, or need help to understand how data transfer regulations apply? Contact us now.

Global Data Protection Services

As Data Protection experts we can advise on any compliance framework including GDPR, SOC2, ISPO27001, HIPAA, CCPA, etc.. We can help with Data Mapping Data Governance, Request Automation, Vendor Management, Supplier Questionnaires, and even support during Regulator investigations and legal action.

Compliance Documentation

Must frameworks require you to create a full set of policies and procedures and other documentation. If you require any compliance documents, DPAs, SCCs, DPIAs, or TRIAs or just want a free document review contact us now.

SAR / Breach / RTE / Regulator Action

Need emergency help? If you receive a SAR, RTE, or other request, or suspect that a data breach has occurred, you need to take immediate action to avoid involvement by a Regulator. Contact us now for free advice.


Global Data Protection Services

Your Data Protection Experts

Data Protection compliance is strategically important for every company. Failure to comply can result in Regulator investigations, enforcement action, catastrophic fines and irreparable reputational damage. Data Protection regulations are complex and vary across the globe. Regulator enforcement is often severe and is designed to be punitive.

We can help you stay up to date with the constantly changing data protection regulations. We understand the importance of protecting the rights of your data subjects and the importance of compliance to your company. We can mange the most complex data issues whilst ensuring you comply with the regulations and allow you to run your business.

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Additional Services

Whether you select EU/UK Rep or Compliance Hub you can use any of our services. Contact us anytime for ad-hoc support and advice or any data protection request. Initial advise is always free.

Consultant Services

GDPR Policies

The GDPR requires you demonstrate compliance, which often includes having a certain set of documentation. We will review your existing documentation for free and then can provide complete GDPR documentation sets tailored to your organisation.

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GDPR Data Protection Advice

Global data protection regulations are complex. Rules change frequently, and companies find it difficult to keep up to date. We can help. We are Global Data Protection experts and can help you understand how regulations impact your business.

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Staff awareness and training are key components of your GDPR compliance strategy. GDPR requires you to train all staff and ensure they understand their GDPR obligations. We can help. Call anytime to discuss our low cost training options.

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Other Services

Audits / LIAs / DPIAs

Need to complete a GDPR audit or risk analysis? We can help. We will complete your audit and provide a comprehensive action plan to help you understand what you need to do to remain compliant.

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SARs / Breach / RTE / Regulator Action

Receiving a SAR, dealing with a Data Breach, or being investigated by a Regulator is quite overwhelming, so just give us a call. We have helped/guided many companies through the most complicated problems.

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Data Protection Officer

For the highest level of GDPR compliance choose our DPO services which offer support in all aspects of data protection. Contact our experienced team for any additional information.

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Compliance Hub

You can use our EU/UK Representative service with or without our Compliance Hub. . If you need ongoing data protection support this is the option for you. Get access to additional data protection compliance tools, access to our dedicated Consultants, and use of the GDPR Request Management functions. If you don’t need additional support you can still use our EU/UK Rep service we will of course ensure you meet all your GDPR Article 27 obligations.

Compliance Hub Only

The data protection Option. Looking for help with your GDPR policies and procedures? Need ongoing compliance support to help with supplier questionnaires, SARs and RTEs, and other requests? Looking for Consultant support? This is the option for you.

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Why Use The Compliance Hub

Our Compliance Hub offers dedicated support from a data protection expert plus access to a range of compliance tools. You can choose our EU/UK Rep service with or without Compliance Hub. If you don't need a Rep you can still select the Compliance Hub option and get access to our panel of dedicated Consultants.

Dedicated Consultant

You can choose your Consultant from our panel of experts or an appropriate Consultant will be assigned to you. Your Consultant will be available to help with any data protection task.

Initial Compliance Review

Your consultant will conduct an initial review of your data protection status to understand how your company operates and be able to respond should you need advice in the future. We’ll then be in the best possible position to respond to requests for additional support as you need it, you simply raise a task on the GDPRLocal portal and agree the deliverables, timescales and cost with the Consultant.

Document Management

Our Compliance Hub includes a Document and Task Management function. Your Consultant will review your documents as part of your initial audit, you can then use our Document Management function to ensure your documents are kept up to date.

6 Month Audit

The initial audit is just the start… Your consultant will arrange a meeting after 6 months to discuss your compliance position and plan any actions required in the future. Your consultant will be available to support your business should your requirements change, you simply raise a task on the GDPRLocal portal and agree the deliverables, timescales and cost with the Consultant.

On-demand Support

Your Consultant will be available to answer simple questions by phone. Email, Zoom etc… More importantly your Consultant will be available to support your business as an when you need them. Fees will be agreed in advance and you’ll always be in complete control

Ongoing due-diligence

Ongoing due-diligence is vital. Being able to demonstrate that you’ve met your obligations and maintained a high level of compliance will potentially save you from Regulator enforcement action. Your Consultant will be available to help however you need.


Our Partners

Looking for other data protection services, check out our partners who offer expertise not provided by GDPRLocal. Just mention our name when you contact them and you'll be good to go.


Founded in 2016, Vanta has become one of the fastest growing companies in USA, and the place is deserved with the dedication and the professionalism the company is providing to the clients.

The main business in Vanta is automation security monitoring for compliance certificates.


With the expertise and the vision and heaps of passion Ryan and Rob started Sopro in 2015, and it was all about the numbers, delivering transparent and measurable ROI for our clients, only now there’s a whole team, bringing professional expertise, passion and the power of human connection to what we do.

Right from the start, Sopro idea was that their clients will have more than just logins and a weekly report. Sopro is a supportive marketing service, prioritising transparency, compliance and the protection of the client's reputations .

Cyber Covered

Cyber Covered was created by two brothers from London on a mission to help protect SME’s across the UK by providing the best level of cyber insurance with the use of technology and great service.

After discussing the WannaCry ransomware attack back in May 2017 over a family meal, the two discussed ways businesses could insure their data quickly and easily. The idea for Cyber Covered was born and they set about creating a simple online platform to deliver cyber and data insurance for SMEs .


RDLC is the leading global network for recruitment CEOs, MDs and Directors. It’s a vibrant hub where like minded leaders come together to share insights, rewrite best practice, offer mutual support and learn from world-class business coaches.

By empowering each other to elevate business performance, our members thrive in fiercely competitive markets – accelerating growth and extending the limits of what is possible.


RGDP provides Data Protection Officer services to businesses and organisations that wish to outsource all or some of their Data Protection Officer (DPO) functions.

Whether you have a statutory requirement to have a DPO, or you would like some professional input to your current Data Protection practices to meet the demands of UK GDPR, RGDP can provide this.


Transcend gives your legal, engineering, and data governance teams a single system that easily maps privacy requirements to your company's tech stack— all built on an industry-leading security foundation.


Vestd is an end-to-end Equity Management platform.
Our purpose is to create fully committed teams, personally invested and roaring for success.
Equity fuels people-power, and that’s at the heart of everything we do.

IRI - Data Masking Software

Founded in 1978, IRI is a US data management company specializing in the fast manipulation of big data, and the targeted protection of sensitive data.

IRI Data Protector suite software includes affordable GUI, CLI, and API options run in your infrastructure to classify, discover, de-identify, and/or synthesize data to mitigate data breaches, comply with privacy laws like HIPAA and the GDPR, and generate safe, intelligent test data for DevOps, Data Vault, ETL, etc..

IRI - Data Masking Software

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