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Writen by Ana Mishova

Posted on: November 3, 2023

Meet the GDPRLocal Team: Nada Stojanova

Meet Nada Stojanova, our dedicated driving force behind our team’s success. With her strategic vision and exceptional organizational skills, Nada ensures that every project not only meets its deadlines but also surpasses expectations.

Q: Could you please introduce yourself and share a brief overview of your role within the Operations team? How does your work contribute to ensuring the smooth functioning of your company’s GDPR services on a global scale?

A: My name is Nada and I am the Operations Team Manager in GDPRLocal. My role and responsibilities cover process structuring, efficiency, continuous improvement, team coordination and scalability. I make sure that our team functions smoothly and we deliver excellence to our clients. Or to elaborate, by putting processes in place, we maximize the efficiency for the time spent on a certain account. Using certain PM tools we ensure transparency, good organization and excellent team coordination on a daily basis. By continuous learning we make sure that our compliance executives are always on top of the latest relevant news and changes regarding GDPR and compliance in general, and obtaining certain relevant certifications when possible. In summary, my role as Operations Team Manager is pivotal in orchestrating the various elements necessary for delivering GDPR services smoothly on a global scale, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

Q: In your role as an operations team manager overseeing a group of individuals, what approaches do you find most effective in fostering a cohesive and productive team atmosphere? How do you ensure that your team members are aligned with both the operational processes and the importance of adhering to GDPR regulations?

A: Clear communication, shared goals, regular feedback, and empowerment and recognition. We always have clear and transparent communication among the team, ensuring everyone feels heard and valued. I think that trust building and empowerment should be key components in every team, and supporting and respecting each other are extremely important when it comes to strengthening bonds and collaborations. I am also proud to say that at GDPRLocal we nurture the team spirit and everything that we do, we do as a team.

Q: Throughout your life, who has been the most significant influence or role model, and how have they shaped your personal and professional values?

A: It is really hard to single out a certain person who had a great influence over me. I think more accurate would be to say that throughout my professional life I’ve had the fortune and opportunity to work with amazing professionals who’ve selflessly shared their knowledge with me and were amazing mentors. What I’ve learned from all of them is to not gatekeep any knowledge that I possess, and to use every opportunity I have to help my colleagues and direct reports to fulfil their potential. Also, patience and keeping a level-head will help tremendously in almost any situation.

Q: We all have life lessons we’ve learned along the way. What is one piece of advice or motto that you live by and believe has contributed to your success?

A: My motto is a quote from Jean Paul Sartre “Man is nothing else but what he makes of himself” implying that we are all defined by our choices. I contribute my success to that single quote – it has helped me to carefully consider my choices, fully commit to them once made, and then be fully responsible for the outcome

We are thrilled to have Nada as a part of our team. Her capabilities and positive attitude consistently propel us to accomplish not only our planned objectives but also exceed expectations.

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