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Posted on: July 26, 2023

Meet the GDPRLocal Team: Marin Milenkoski

Introducing our Privacy Champion Marin who brings a wealth of experience and passion for data protection to our team. We’ll delve into his unique approach to GDPR compliance and how he tailors strategies to suit the specific needs and risk profiles of our diverse clientele.

Q: As a Data Protection enthusiast, when working with smaller businesses versus larger enterprises to ensure they achieve GDPR compliance effectively, I tailor my approach based on their unique needs and resources.

A: For smaller businesses, I understand that they might have limited budgets and personnel to dedicate to compliance efforts. Therefore, I focus on providing practical and scalable solutions that address their specific data processing activities. I assist them in identifying the core data protection risks and help implement essential policies and procedures to meet GDPR requirements without overwhelming their operations.

In contrast, when dealing with larger enterprises, I recognize the complexity of their data ecosystem and the need to align compliance efforts with their existing organizational structure. I collaborate closely with their internal teams, such as legal, IT, and HR, to ensure a comprehensive and integrated approach to GDPR compliance. This may involve conducting thorough data mapping exercises, creating robust data protection impact assessments, and establishing clear lines of responsibility throughout the organization.

Regardless of the size, I prioritize education and training to raise awareness about data protection among employees, from top management to front-line staff. I also conduct regular audits and monitoring to identify areas of improvement and promptly address any compliance gaps.

Q: Each company’s data ecosystem is unique, and navigating GDPR compliance requires a customized approach. How do you assess and tailor your compliance strategies to suit the specific data processing activities and risk profiles of different clients?

A: I assess each client’s data ecosystem, conduct risk profiling, and tailor customized compliance roadmaps to address their specific GDPR requirements, while ensuring scalable solutions for smaller clients and comprehensive approaches for larger enterprises. Continuous monitoring and employee education are prioritized to adapt and maintain compliance effectively.

Q: Data breaches can be a significant concern for companies aiming to comply with GDPR. How do you and your team approach data breach prevention, and how do you handle such incidents if they occur?

A: I adopt a proactive and multi-faceted approach to data breach prevention. We recognize the critical importance of safeguarding personal data and strive to minimize the risks associated with potential incidents. Here’s how we approach data breach prevention and incident handling:

Risk Assessment and Mitigation: We conduct comprehensive risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities in our data processing activities. By understanding potential weak points, we implement appropriate security measures, encryption protocols, access controls, and data minimization techniques to mitigate risks effectively.

Robust Security Measures: We ensure that our systems and infrastructure adhere to industry best practices for data security. This includes regularly updating and patching software, implementing firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption protocols to protect sensitive data both in transit and at rest.

Employee Training and Awareness: We believe that employees are the first line of defense against data breaches. Therefore, we provide regular training and awareness programs to educate all staff members about the importance of data protection, how to recognize potential threats, and the necessary steps to take if a breach is suspected.

Incident Response Plan: We have a well-defined and regularly tested incident response plan in place. This plan outlines the immediate steps to take in case of a data breach, including containment, notification procedures, and coordination with relevant authorities, as required by GDPR.

Continuous Monitoring and Auditing: We implement continuous monitoring mechanisms to detect and respond to any suspicious activities promptly. Regular audits are conducted to assess the effectiveness of our security measures and identify areas for improvement.

Transparent Communication: In the unfortunate event of a data breach, we believe in transparent and timely communication. We inform affected individuals, relevant authorities, and stakeholders promptly, providing clear and concise information about the breach, its impact, and the remedial actions being taken.

Learning from Incidents: Every data breach incident is an opportunity to learn and improve. We conduct thorough post-incident reviews to understand the root causes and identify lessons to strengthen our data protection practices further.

By combining these strategies, my team and I work diligently to prevent data breaches and maintain a high standard of GDPR compliance. In the event of an incident, we are well-prepared to respond promptly and effectively, minimizing the impact on individuals and demonstrating our commitment to protecting personal data.

Q: The global regulatory landscape is continually evolving. How do you anticipate and adapt to potential changes in data protection laws beyond GDPR to ensure your clients remain compliant on an international scale?

A: As a compliance executive offering GDPR compliance services, I am acutely aware of the dynamic nature of the global regulatory landscape. To anticipate and adapt to potential changes in data protection laws beyond GDPR, our team adopts a multifaceted approach. This includes closely tracking legislative updates from various jurisdictions to gain insights into evolving regulations, and engaging in industry forums to stay informed about best practices. Our adaptable frameworks and cross-functional collaboration ensure that our clients remain compliant on an international scale, no matter how the data protection landscape evolves. Additionally, conducting regular compliance audits and risk assessments allows us to identify and address any potential vulnerabilities, providing our clients with confidence in their data handling practices and maintaining their trust in our services.

Q: What are your favorite ways to unwind and relax after a busy day or week of work?

A: An hour and a half in the gym, a podcast, a proper meal, a long walk, and meditation. Books come in handy before bed.

At GDPRLocal we are proud to have Marin as an integral part of our team, driving GDPR compliance with his expertise, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to data protection. Stay tuned for more insights and tips from Executives on our blog and feel free to reach out to Marin for any data protection questions you may have!

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