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Posted on: February 16, 2024

Meet the GDPRLocal Team: Zlatko Delev

As one of our pioneering team members here at GDPRLocal, Zlatko has been an integral part of the company’s evolution, witnessing its growth from its inception to the vibrant entity it is today. Unwind and dive into the stories that make us who we are.

Zlatko Delev, gdprlocal team
Q: Can you describe your role at GDPRLocal and some of the key responsibilities you handle on a day-to-day basis?

A: It’s quite a journey from where I began as the first employee in the company, starting as a Compliance Executive, to Sales and Marketing Operations Manager at GDPRLocal. Over these three years, I’ve seen roles come and go, and I’ve had the privilege to be in every role! 🙂 .

Currently, my main responsibility is leading a dynamic team consisting of two Sales Executives and one Partnership and Affiliate Manager. Together, we form the core of our sales and marketing efforts. Collaborating closely with the Marketing Manager, also I play a pivotal role in shaping the company’s overall marketing strategy.

Last year presented a unique opportunity for me to establish this department from the ground up, and I’m really proud of its success. As we navigate through 2024, I’m thrilled with the momentum we’ve built. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities, whether it’s engaging with potential clients, advancing our marketing initiatives, or aligning closely with the Service Delivery department to address the evolving needs of our clients.

Overall, it’s been a rewarding journey, and I look forward to continuing to drive growth and innovation in my role at GDPRLocal.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working with your team and how do you collaborate to achieve common goals?

A: Working with my team brings me immense joy, and I can confidently say that this is the most exceptional team I’ve had the pleasure of working with. The chemistry among us, coupled with our positive attitudes, creates an incredible atmosphere that truly enhances our work experience.

Our collaboration is seamless, and each day brings new experiences that strengthen our bond and skills. These shared experiences are invaluable, not only in our current roles but also in shaping our personal and professional growth for the long term.

What I enjoy the most with the team is the Thursday’s Lunch Out, which has been going for two and a half years now. What began with just two people has now grown to include 15 or more participants, to the point where we have to make reservations in advance :D!

Overall, I cherish the moments we share together and am grateful for the positive impact our team has on both our work and our lives outside of the office.

Q: Having watched the company grow from the beginning until today, how would you describe the experience?

A: Rollercoaster. When we celebrated 1st Anniversary, we were 3 people in the company. Two weeks ago, we have celebrated achieving amazing Milestone, and we were 28 people. What else should I say. It is amazing feeling when you have involved from the question, ,,What are we going to today” to ,,Let’s expand with All Frameworks all around the World”.

Really enjoying every moment, and I have nothing but positive feeling that this company will become even more successful in the upcoming period.

Q: How do you unwind and spend your free time outside of work? Do you have any hobbies or activities that you particularly enjoy?

A: Despite my dedication to my work, I also highly value my free time. Spending quality moments with family and friends is a priority for me, as is engaging in various sports activities like football, basketball, volleyball, and table tennis with my colleagues.

Additionally, I find great enjoyment in catching a great movie, going at the theatre or attending live music concerts.

Moreover, I have a deep passion for travel, especially to unconventional destinations. From chasing the enchanting Polar Lights in Finland amidst freezing temperatures of -28 degrees to exploring the vast Sahara Desert in scorching heat reaching +50 degrees, I thrive on these unique adventures.

I already have some exciting travel plans in mind for this year, and I’m eagerly anticipating what new experiences await me.

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