GDPR & Data Protection Laws in Africa: A Comparison

What are the similarities and differences between GDPR and the data protection regulations enacted in African countries? We look at the situation in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. Data doesn’t stop at national borders. It’s a global concern, which makes it crucial for businesses operating in diverse markets to understand regional data protection laws. In […]

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ICO: Accountability framework self-assessment

Hi All, If you have ever been through a GDPRLocal training course you will [hopefully] remember that talking about Accountability is a topic that is discussed about. Accountability is one of the key principles in data protection law – it makes you responsible for complying with the legislation and says that you must be able to […]

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GDPR-Vorschriften für CCTV-, Foto- und Videoausrüstungen und Drohnen.

CCTV In general, CCTV is directed at viewing and/or recording the activities of individuals. Therefore, most uses of CCTV by organisations or businesses will be covered by the DPA. The ICO has also issued a code of practice that provides recommendations on the use of CCTV systems to help organisations comply with the DPA. CCTV […]

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Was ist der Unterschied zwischen GDPR und PECR?

Data protection and marketing are so closely interconnected that no marketing plan involving data can move forward without getting data protection right. GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation – and PECR – Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations – are regulations concerning data protection that marketers must familiarise themselves with. The two regulations are complementary, indeed […]

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GDPR ist drei Jahre alt!

With all that’s changed in the world, the arrival of the third anniversary of the General Data Protection regulation may seem trivial, even irrelevant. But dismissing it would be a mistake. This is actually an opportune moment to take stock of what effect it’s had on data protection and whether your organization has managed to […]

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Changes in the Data protection after UK has left the EU .

Following the UK’s departure from the European Union, these are the latest updates on how this affects GDPR and the sensitive issue of data protection. Overview of the current situation: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been retained in UK law and will continue to be read alongside the Data Protection Act 2018, but […]

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