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Posted on: January 18, 2024

Meet the GDPRLocal Team: Marija Tupanceska

Marija is one of our Compliance Specialists here at GDPRLocal, who has worked on multiple complex projects and has resolved a variety of compliance and GDPR issues. Apart from work, she really knows how to make the most of the free time. Read on to peak into Marija’s work perspectives.

Marija Tupanceska, GDPRLocal
Q: When considering your career path, what significant factors or experiences motivated you to specialize specifically in GDPRLocal services, and how do those motivations continue to drive your passion for this specialized field of data privacy and compliance?

A: In my journey towards specializing in data protection services, several factors and experiences, including my background as an attorney at law, have significantly influenced my career choices. One pivotal moment was witnessing the increasing frequency and severity of data breaches across industries during my legal practice. This experience highlighted the critical need for robust data protection measures and underscored the significant impact that compromised data can have on individuals and organizations alike. The complexities of navigating the legal intricacies surrounding data protection became apparent, and I realized the importance of not only understanding the legal landscape but also actively contributing to the development and implementation of effective data protection strategies.

Q: What do you find most rewarding about helping clients navigate GDPR compliance locally?

A: Helping clients navigate GDPR compliance locally has been rewarding for several reasons:

Ensuring Legal Compliance: Guiding clients through GDPR complexities helps them sidestep legal pitfalls, fostering a foundation for ethical business practices and averting potential consequences. It feels great to know that I’ve helped them solve a challenge that has been bugging them.

Protecting Customer Trust: Helping customers align with data protection standards, enhances their clients’ capacity to safeguard customer privacy, pivotal for building and maintaining trust in client-business relationships.

Mitigating Risks: Addressing potential risks tied to data processing aids clients in implementing effective strategies, preventing security incidents and safeguarding both reputation and sensitive customer information.

Contributing to Data Ethics: Beyond legal mandates, promoting ethical data practices reflects societal expectations for responsible data management, aligning clients with a higher standard.

Educating Clients: Guiding clients through local GDPR compliance involves educating them about the regulation’s principles and requirements, witnessing their increased knowledge and proactive stance in data protection. Being part of their data protection education has really eye-opening that many companies still do not how the navigate that field.

Contributing to a Global Standard: Helping clients align with GDPR sets a global data protection standard, contributing to the establishment of a consistent approach to data privacy across borders and industries.

Overall, the most rewarding aspect for me, is likely the sense of making a positive impact by enabling businesses to operate ethically, responsibly, and in accordance with the legal frameworks that protect individuals’ privacy rights.

Q: Tell us about a project where teamwork was essential in making sure a client met GDPR requirements. What challenges did you encounter, and how did your team at GDPRLocal overcome them?

A: In a challenging project for a major USA corporation with a global presence, our team successfully navigated the complexities of ensuring GDPR compliance across continents. With varying regulations and global operations, our team orchestrated a well-organized approach to meet the client’s requirements.

As we navigated the data protection regulations, unexpected challenges emerged, ranging from varying interpretations of specific clauses to evolving legal landscapes. Flexibility and adaptability became essential traits of our team. We addressed these challenges through agile project management methodologies, allowing us to pivot swiftly in response to evolving circumstances.

Team collaboration was crucial as we addressed the challenges of different data protection regulations. Regular communication and virtual collaborations facilitated effective coordination across time zones. The challenges of interpreting GDPR requirements in diverse regions were met with adaptability and expertise from our team.

Our team’s organized structure and agile project management were instrumental in overcoming unexpected challenges and maintaining project momentum. Clear workflows, individual responsibilities, and regular progress checks ensured a smooth and successful project outcome.

The client expressed satisfaction with our team’s ability to deliver a solidly build GDPR compliance solution tailored to their global operations. Despite the complexities, our team’s dedication, adaptability, and proactive problem-solving ensured a seamless and successful project delivery.

Q: We hear you’re quite active in sports! Could you share a favourite sports-related memory or a memorable game you’ve participated in recently?

A: I find great pleasure in engaging in various sports, but volleyball holds a special place among my favourites. Over the past year, I had the opportunity to participate in a fun tournament – a mixed team event with no age boundaries, featuring diverse individuals with varying career paths. The unique blend of team members added an extra layer of excitement.

What I love most about this experience is how sports, particularly volleyball in this instance, has the power to unite people from different walks of life. Regardless of age, background, or career, we all came together with a shared purpose. The camaraderie that emerged on the court transcended individual differences, creating a sense of unity that is truly special.

Of course, the joy of winning added an extra layer of sweetness to the experience. It’s remarkable how the pursuit of a common goal can create lasting memories and strengthen bonds. This tournament not only provided a platform for athletic competition but also highlighted the beautiful way in which sports bring people together, fostering a sense of community and shared achievement.

At GDPRLocal, we prioritize the well-being of our team, supporting both professional and personal aspects. A positive work environment is crucial for delivering successful solutions to our clients.

If you encounter any GDPR challenges, our team is ready to provide guidance and assistance. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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