Change to UK Data Protection

GDPR Changes: What’s Happening With the Digital Protection and Digital Information Bill? The UK Data Protection Bill is back and much of it offers hope for UK businesses. If it can make it through Parliament, that is… something its predecessor failed to achieve. GDPR Local founder Adam Brogden looks at the challenges and opportunities it […]

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GDPR Local: Supplier Evaluation

How Do You Know Your Suppliers Are GDPR Compliant? We explain why you should make GDPR evaluation a crucial part of your supplier onboarding. You’re working with a new supplier. Or, perhaps, you’re simply reviewing an existing relationship. The service level agreement is in place. They’ve signed the non-disclosure agreement. If your suppliers process personal […]

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GDPR – Onboarding Process

How to Onboard Your GDPR Article 27 Representative You’re based outside the EU or UK and you’re processing the data of EU or UK citizens. You know you need an Article 27 EU/UK representative to comply with data protection laws. But how do you go about bringing one onboard? When it comes to GDPR Article […]

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Does Brexit Mean Your GDPR Policies Are Out Of Date?

When did you last review your company’s GDPR compliance? If you haven’t given it a second thought since Brexit became a reality, it’s time you did. We explain why. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) celebrates its seventh anniversary in 2023. Post-implementation, most organisations collecting or using the data of EU subjects to carry out […]

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Do Third Parties Process Your Data? Why You Need a DPA & SCC

If a third party processes data on your behalf, you’ll need a Data Processing Agreement in place to protect your customers and your business – and you could be fined if you don’t get one. Our GDPR Local Experts can explain you why. You run an organisation that wields a lot of data. Sometimes you […]

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What Your Company Needs to Know About SAR

The right for every individual to access data held about them is a core principle of the GDPR. Individuals get hold of that data via a subject access request (SAR), but how should the request be made – and what happens when you receive one? GDPR Local’s Zlatko Delev explains. In the UK and EU, […]

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GDPR Local

Data Breaches GDPR: I Didn’t Know We Could Be Fined For That? You may know that companies can be fined for GDPR violations. Since 2018, more than 1,100 organisations have been. But did you know that private citizens can also risk penalties for data privacy violations? Here, data protection specialist Zlatko Delev, shares his knowledge […]

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GDPR Local

Consultancy Panel Data Protection Consultant? Join The GDPR Local Panel UK GDPR representative? EU rep? SOC2 guru? Wherever you are in the world, if you know data protection inside out, GDPR Local’s Zlatko Delev has an invitation for you. When you look cross-industry, data protection is a spectrum. At one end are the organisations who […]

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GDPR Local

Consultancy Panel GDPR Advice? Ask Our Experts For one-off questions or ongoing, on-tap expertise, it’s good to have a GDPR Local data protection consultant on your side. Data protection specialist Zlatko Delev explains why. Let’s suppose that you run a growing tech services company in the US and you’re about to ramp up marketing activity […]

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GDPR Local Reforms

UK Pauses Data Protection Reform Whether you are a UK business or a business that stores or uses the data of UK citizens, the proposed reforms to the UK’s data protection laws will affect you. But what are the changes, what will their impact be, and why the delay to their implementation? GDPR policies set […]

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