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Posted on: August 15, 2023

The Value of GDPR Consultancy Services for UK Business

You could think of GDPR compliance as something that needs doing purely to avoid a fine. Or you could use it to help prepare your business for continual change and the growing impact of new technologies. Our team explains why the latter is the better option for UK businesses – and why your EU GDPR representative has a major role to play.

Think of it as part carrot, part stick. Fail to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and businesses in the UK face hefty – and potentially existential – fines. That’s the (very big) stick. But the ‘…or else!’ approach to compliance is never a particularly rewarding one, so let’s look at the carrot instead.

Why GDPR – and your GDPR rep – remain vital for UK businesses

Since its implementation in May 2018, GDPR has significantly influenced how UK businesses handle personal data. Although the UK is no longer part of the EU, the GDPR continues to affect us and every other country which processes the data of EU residents.

Under Article 27 of GDPR, companies which process the personal information of EU data subjects are required to appoint an EU GDPR representative with an EU member state in which they are active, to act as a bridge between EU authorities, data subjects and the UK business. As a sort of baseline level of effectiveness, the EU GDPR consultant is there to ensure compliance.
Yet forward-thinking UK businesses are already realising that by bringing GDPR services onboard, they could be doing a lot more than simply ‘complying’.

5 ways your GDPR rep can add value to your UK business

Be ready for evolving law

In an area of evolving law such as data protection, things change quickly. Your GDPR EU representative can help you stay up to speed with legal changes, ensuring that your organisation is never blindsided by a law they didn’t see coming, or wasting effort complying with laws that no longer apply.

Staying ahead of the changing law matters in terms of reducing the risk of non-compliance, but it also plays a major role in giving your customers confidence, as we’ll see at 2.

Make data protection part of business as usual

There aren’t many laws that seep into the public consciousness in quite the same way as GDPR. While some businesses may have initially seen it as a one-time hurdle, GDPR is now not only an integral part of the way UK companies do business; is also an important consideration for EU citizens when choosing which businesses to trust.

As this study demonstrates, almost 70% of citizens know about the GDPR. You’d struggle to find similar levels of awareness of most other laws.

By working with a GDPR rep, you ensure your data protection strategies meet GDPR standards. And by ensuring that, you give (the many) people in the EU who take their data protection seriously a reason to trust you.

Get ready for new tech

We’ve already explored the fact that data protection laws will change. The driver of that change is technology. As businesses adopt new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data, the challenges of GDPR compliance become even more intricate.

The value of EU GDPR representative services is in arming your business with the expertise that can help you understand how these technologies impact data processing, ensuring that you maintain compliance while embracing innovation.

Tailor your compliance

GDPR compliance really isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ deal. Every business is unique, and so are its data processing activities. The right GDPR services can ensure your data protection measures are tailored to your activities.

They can help you identify gaps in your data practices. They can provide practical recommendations to help you achieve compliance. And they can ensure you target effort at the right goals, helping you avoid wasted effort and lost time.

Understand risk with Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)

DPIAs are essential tools in understanding and mitigating risks associated with data processing activities. Your EU GDPR consultant will help your business conduct comprehensive DPIAs, so it can proactively address privacy concerns, uphold GDPR principles, and reduce risk.

Appoint your EU GDPR representative

It probably sounds a little over the top to say that in appointing your European representative for GDPR you can help secure your business’ future. Yet in a very real sense, that’s exactly what your GDPR rep can do. They can help you prepare for legal and technological change. They can help lock in customer trust and loyalty. They can help you mitigate risk.

And yes, they can help you avoid some sizeable fines too.

Find the right EU GDPR representative for you now, get data protection advice or, for questions about your next steps, call us on +44 1772 217800.

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