5 noticable GDPR statictics from 2021

During the previous year a lot of companies finally got aware of the Data Protection and the GDPR regulations and approached this very seriously. This resulted with very eye-catching statistics regarding the legislation from the previous year. GDPR Local created list of 5 noticable statistics to be shared with our clients and readers to our […]

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Data Protection Officer – Role and responsibilities

Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a new leadership role that is created with the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) DPO is a cornerstone of accountability and appointing a DPO can facilitate compliance and competitive advantage for businesses- highly attractive traits. The GDPR sets minimum responsibilities for a DPO that revolve around supervising the implementation of a data protection strategy, assuring compliance with GDPR, and […]

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EU/UK representative services

Article 27: Article 27 of the GDPR includes the requirement for companies that provide goods and services to EU citizens should provide an EU based Representative so that data subjects and Regulators can easily contact companies to raise data protection issues or concerns. Now that the UK has left the EU the situation becomes slightly […]

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