Canadian Data Protection Fines and How to Avoid Them

In our increasingly digital world, where personal information is a valuable asset, data protection has become a paramount concern. Canada, like many other countries, has established stringent regulations to safeguard individuals’ personal data and ensure their privacy rights are upheld. But what happens when these regulations are violated? In this blog post, we’ll delve into […]

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Transcend partnering with GDPR Local

If you need an advanced Privacy Request management solution, take a look at this product from our partners at – this product is designed to automate the return, deletion and modification of user data across yourtech stack.  Transcend has over 1300+ integrations and data connectorsto allow you to connect to any location where user […]

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Accountability Tracker

As your Article 27 Representative we will always help if you receive a SAR, RTE, or other data protection complaint. It is always best to avoid these all together but most companies will receive GDPR requests at some point.  Disgruntled ex-employees, annoyed customers, malicious compensation-scammers are common sources of SARs and unfortunately these can result […]

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Transferring personal data by USB device

USB devices offer a convenient way to transfer data between two computers. However, their small physical size and large data capacity means that large volumes of personal data can be lost or stolen with relative ease. Furthermore, if personal data is not securely wiped from USB devices prior to reuse there is a possibility that […]

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Are you aware of holding sensitive data ?

Sensitive data is information that must be protected against unauthorized access. Access to sensitive data should be limited through sufficient data security and information security practices designed to prevent unauthorized disclosure and data breaches. Your organization may have to protect sensitive data for ethical or legal requirements, personal privacy, regulatory reasons, trade secrets and other […]

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