ICO POST: Data sharing code

Very beneficial blog has been shared by Ali Shah, Head of Technology Policy Blog:Building on the data sharing code: our plans for updating our anonymisation guidance. Data is the lifeblood of the digital economy, and the sharing of personal data is key to opening up new opportunities. Data shared in healthcare environments can map out […]

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GDPR compliant cookie policy for your web page

GDPR requires that you have a cookie policy and corresponding cookie banner to alert visitors of this. Following on this find out the checklist provided by the ICO, to check if your are compliant with the GDPR cookie policy. Understanding cookies ☐ We understand what cookies are and what they can be used for. ☐ We know the difference between session cookies and […]

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EU representatives – your FAQ’s answered

eu representative

Here at GDPRlocal, we get lots of questions about what exactly an EU  Representative is, what they do and whether your business actually needs one. We’ve produced a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you better understand this little-known piece of the GDPR. What is an EU  Representative? An EU  Representative is […]

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EU representative – act now


If you provide products and services to EU  citizens, you will invariably process personal data about those people. If this is the case, you need to ensure you have appointed an EU  Representative. This is a strict requirement under the GDPR- refer to Article 27 for more information. You should choose carefully and ensure that […]

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ICO advice on corona virus

corona gdpr

ICO ADVICE ON DATA PROTECTION DURING CORONA CRISIS The ICO has issued a number of blogs about how data protection and GDPR issues should be handled during the Corona Virus crisis. The advice is practical, useful, and helpful – all controllers should take a look. at: ICO GDPRCORONA ADVICE You can also read advice to […]

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Want to avoid the ico registration fee?


ICO FEE – EXEMPTION OPTIONS There are many reasons why you may not need to register with the ICO and pat the £4000 fee. If you have setup a new company, your company is dormant, or even if you trade but only collect data for your core business process you might just be exempt. They […]

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Personal data breaches: are you prepared?


Many workers are now beginning to value webinars and online courses as a way to keep productive in uncertain times. If you’re looking to brush up on your data protection procedures then this webinar, produced by the ICO, is a good place to start. Since the introduction of GDPR, the ICO recorded a substantial rise […]

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Email marketing – do your due-diligence or get fined


The ICO has released details about an investigation and enforcement action they have taken against a number of companies involved in email marketing. This is a complex case which involved a company promoting their services and a number of email list suppliers. The relationship between these companies is complicated but there was no clear contractual […]

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Appoint your EU based representative today!

EU representative

The ICO has confirmed that post-transition any company with customers in the EU  will need to appoint an EU  based Representative. This company will act on your behalf in all data protection matters. They will be the first point of contact from your data subjects and any Regulator that may need to contact the company. […]

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