Criminal Records Data

Criminal Records Data and You: What You Need to Know Your organisation may process more data relating to criminal records than you might first imagine. If, for example, your business makes anti-terrorism, anti-money laundering or child safeguarding checks of people associated with it, you may be storing or processing criminal records data. That means you […]

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What is a personal data breach?

Many companies don’t take data privacy protection seriously until a data breach occurs.A data breach is the worst nightmare that can happen to a company.If you’ve ever faced a data breach, you will understand the difficulties that you might face without a robust protection. ICO thoroughly explains what a personal data breach is and how […]

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Are you aware of holding sensitive data ?

Sensitive data is information that must be protected against unauthorized access. Access to sensitive data should be limited through sufficient data security and information security practices designed to prevent unauthorized disclosure and data breaches. Your organization may have to protect sensitive data for ethical or legal requirements, personal privacy, regulatory reasons, trade secrets and other […]

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